• e-mail: info@cwj24.cz
  • phone: +420 541 227 965
  • mobile: +420 605 209 200
  • GPS: 49°15'20.766"N, 16°35'29.008"E

GPS coordinates - main gate
   CWJ24, a.s.
   Karásek 13
   621 00 Brno, Czech Republic


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CWJ24 Distribution Centre in Brno

Distribution centre CWJ24 (Central Warehouse Jandaskova 24) was built as a lean modern warehouse for cosmetics distribution. DC has been operated by 3PL provider CWJ24, a.s. since spring 2010.

Presentation: CWJ24 DC - Introduction

Unloading Goods

The goods may be received on business days (Mo to Fri) from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The goods shall be unloaded from the rear part of the vehicle using a lifting ramp. Vehicle’s rear door must be open and secured on the side.

Upon delivery, the goods must be arranged in the vehicle in such a way that it is easy to unload without needing to reload goods meant for a different customer.

The driver shall be present at the goods receipt and shall adhere to the following rules for entering the distribution centre:

  • the driver must wear a strong footwear (at least shoes with closed toe and heel)
  • the drives shall not wear loose clothing so it cannot be caught into something
  • the driver must wear a reflective safety vest
Unless the driver meets these conditions, his shipment will be rejected at the DC.